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Helikopter Air Transport Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Baumgasse 129, 1030 Wien
Telephone: +43 512 28 88 80

Company Information

FN 47437k
Commercial court of Vienna
VAT Reg. No.: ATU38830404
GISA number: 21364556
Municipal authorities of Innsbruck
GISA number: 26606781
Municipal authorities of Vienna
GISA number: 21304378
Municipal authorities of Innsbruck
Regulatory authority: Austro Control

Legal representation

Reinhard Kraxner, CEO
Marco Trefanitz, CEO


_ ÖAMTC Betriebe GmbH (47 %)
_ OÖAMTC Betriebe GmbH (14 %)
_ SAMTC Betriebe GmbH (5 %)
_ ATT Betriebe GmbH (9 %)
_ VATC Betriebe GmbH (5 %)
_ STAMK Lenker-Service GmbH (14 %)
_ KATC Betriebe GmbH (6 %)

Business purpose

Operation of a company for: 
_ commercial transportation of person and goods by aircraft (aviation company) according to aviation law
_ for commercial rental of civil aircraft according to aviation law
_ to conduct an approved training organization according to aviation law
_ for servicing and maintenance of aircrafts
_ for production of small series and component parts for aviation

Basic direction

This website is used to provide information about  Helikopter Air Transport goods and services.
Online dispute resolution in line with article 14 section 1 ODR-VO

In case you are a consumer, you have the right to use the online dispute resolution of the European Commission ( for an out-of-court settlement by an impartial conciliation body.

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